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Separated from his horse by a stormy time rift, he was thrust from the Old West to the 23rd Century. Distraught by the end of the spirit of freedom and independence caused by unaffordable costs of telecommunications, he traveled through time once again, this time to early 21st Century, to correct the situation and forever to curb the rising of prices.

He became known to history as the Phone Cowboy...

The Phone Cowboy helps you find the best deals on phone services, Internet access, brand-name computer hardware and software at discount prices, and more.

So, saddle up, and start comparing various long-distance services to your current phone bill, or choose any menu item at the left or the right edge of the screen.

USA Domestic Best Rate Search
NOTE: You can download this search to your Windows desktop.
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Got Windows?

Because long distance companies keep changing their rates quite often, the Phone Cowboy urges you to stay ahead of their game:

Phone Cowboy software

You can search any time directly from the convenience of your Windows desktop if you download our free Phone Cowboy long distance search software.

You should use it every 3-4 months to make sure you are still getting the best deal. And because everyone uses the phone these days, its costs have a direct impact on the overall economy.

That is why the Phone Cowboy strongly encourages you not only to download this software for yourself, but to give it to your friends, family, co-workers, as well as your boss (or, if you are the boss, to your employees). It is only 352 K, so you can easily fit it on a diskette, which you can carry with you. Then you can let others copy the software at any time, anywhere there is a computer.

Catch a Call Online

Phone Cowboy’s Calling Card Tips

A phone card can either be a waste of money or a big money saver, depending on how it is used and when.

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