Phone Cowboy’s Calling Card Tips

A phone card can either be a waste of money or a big money saver, depending on how it is used and when.

If you can find a cheaper long distance service for your home or business telephone, there is no reason to use a more expensive phone card. Then again, certain phone cards only cost 2.9¢ a minute, which is hard to beat.

The one person who should never be without a phone card is the traveller. Hotels and phone booths tend to charge much higher long distance rates than your home or business telephone. A phone card will save you a considerable amount of money whenever you are on the road.

Pick your phone cards carefully. As with regular long distance services, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Typically, a low cost phone card has an early expiration date. Buy it if you expect to use it before it expires.

There is no magic to a phone card: It is a piece of cardboard (or plastic) with an access number and a PIN. Anyone who knows the access number and the PIN can use the phone card, even if he does not have the card itself.

That means you should not leave your phone card at places where anyone can copy the information. Otherwise, someone else may be making phone calls on your nickel.

On the other hand, you can use it creatively. You can buy a number of low cost phone cards, and print their access number and PINs on your business cards. That is a perfect incentive for people to keep your business card handy at all time.

At least one phone card (the Select Card) allows you to get the PIN instantly via email. This is a thing to remember when you need to buy a phone card now.